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Lights and Machines

So to kick off this post I want to quickly introduce you guys to the man and machine I will be performing with this April in Vienna that was made by Alex Chechile.  There will be a more in depth post about his machine and how it works and exactly what everything does. He took me for a quick tour of it on Sautrday evening when I went to watch him perform for the first time.

I can't even begin to tell you everything. It's a lot, it will be better when we get together and take up close pics and explanations. Stay tuned for that. It's a really mind blowing situation.

So I went to see Alex at a new space is Bushwick called "Jungle" I think. The art was meh but Alex's performance was pretty bad ass, even though the sound guy was being a jerk and kept messing with his levels.  Band sound guys have no class.

Went to a super secret location a couple days later to look at some splatters and scatters from some abandoned spaces.  Thanks to the recessions rents in NYC are starting to plummet and spaces around the city are becoming abandoned.  I went around with a friend to a building somewhere fantastic and searched for good splatters to embroider for the upcoming PHONOFEMME festival in Vienna:

paint on a wall
abandoned tape

abandoned rug

abandoned sprays
mas paint
abandoned holes
not random but similar to the abandoned holes, trying to think of an interesting way to incorporate the two with out being to kitchy, but may abandon the whole idea all together. 

this wall must have been near the back of a chair or a desk that made this marks on the wall.

MonkeyTown on Wednesday night with Thomas Dexter:

Earlier last week (or was it the week before? they're all blurring together) I worked with Thomas on recording some words on film that he could then work into video format and then create a score for me to improvise to for this performance....

set up with the other groups. we were last...
first was a quartet:

second was a duo:

then us. I will post the video that was used for the performance shortly, without my sounds, Thomas is getting it compressed so it own't take up so much space.....

first words---birds---

second word--


I'm really not into Monkeytowns set up. They eat and drink while the performance is happening. Just not my thing...


giving props to Thomas when it was all finished. Was only 15 minutes long, shorter than the rest of the sets. Just like I likes it...

Thursday I had a few meetings, the most important meeting was with Dawn of Aurora Lampworks:

She's quite talented. I recommend taking a look at her website for her case studies, she's worked with so many prestigious organizations. I'm honored that she was willing to work with a little shop like ours.

We want to re-do the lighting situation in our store, so she took us for a tour of her shop to show us what she was working on for other people then we went to our store to talk about motifs, size, where the power was etc...

some vintage restored lamps

An AMAZING 17th century candle lamp that she resotred to work with eletricity. The flowers are ceramic. This photo gives it no justice...

The first idea she had, a disk lamp (oversized) to bring some warmth into the store:

The second option, a sputnik type lamp possibly made of copper to be the center piece of the store with smaller sputniks floating around as if you're looking at the constellations....

some lightbulb displays..

up in her runway area, taking a look at more vintage restored pieces:

loved this one but is too smal for our high ceilings:

Dawn showing us another disk lamp, a possibility for the outside to show off our trunk and our sign:

loved these green light fixtures for the outside....

a copper disk, delish...

And lastly we have re-arranged the store (AGAIN!). I get tired of the set up easily. We replaced the dark wood shelves for a light colored door that we placed on crates to become a table to display our shoes. Really brightens up the store but now I need to paint the walls, get new light fixtures, make our poncho, make the back room into a suit area and move to a new apartment by the end of March! Ack!!!

now I'm sleepy...thank god....


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