Traveling, performing, making, dressing and more...

Lima, Peru

Me with my father. I haven't seen him in over 3 years. I love him very much.

My little brother Rodrigo and me. He's the best. He is becoming my assistant whenever I'm in Peru. More on that later.....

Rodrigo with his mom Elizabeth. She's great.

Drinking Pisco Sours before the show...

The Centro Fundación Telefónica in Lima. It's actually a telephone company and they support the experimental sound community here:

It's a posh building:

The learning area:

The organization within Telefonica that curates all of the sound and video activities....

Set up, Rodrigo was excited....
Omar and Luis, the 2 organizers of Telefonica:

Luis, introducing me to their archival system for experimental sound art in Peru. It's a really incredible thing they have going here..

Getting set up:

Sound Check:
Luis explaining the organization to my Tio Eduardo and my tia...
I gave Rodrigo his first assignment as my assistant. Take good photos of me, and help me translate my theories of experimental sound. He did a great job:

The back of the Telefonica building. It was a great show, hopefully I'll have the video of it up within the next week:

Dinner with my family. The 2 young girls are my half sisters Paola and Carina. I've never met them before but they were very sweet. It was interesting to be a part of such a large family. After 28 years of just being a small family of 3 this was a new and welcomed experience...
Does anyone want to buy me this grammaphone?

Hot Matador Action.

The Center of Lima, has great doors...
On a roof in el Centro...
I was there for an interview the next day as part of a documentary that Luis is working on about Peruvian sound artists. Apparently Animal Collective and Black Dice were also interviewed....but they're not Peruvian...

Wearing Damir Doma leggings with a vintage shirt I bought when I was 16. I can't get rid of it. I love it so much. It kills bugs...

The space that filmed me:

Me and my assistant. he did a great job helping me answer questions and and even helped with the lighting of the interview:

Lima, downtown.

Peruvian grafitti:
This reminded me of Rothko:

Wearing Norma Kamali. It's winter there, but nice.

Peruvian Punk.
I like this building.
Record shopping with Luis. I found some bad ass Peruvian vinyl.

I want the man in the afro to play his pan pipe for me under a tree.

With Alan, a great sound artist and curator. We hung out at this music stand which is considered one of the best places to buy music in Lima.
An eletronics man.
A t-shirt of the first Peruvian noise group. I forgot their name, but I want a shirt.
A cassette mixer. Made me salivate when I saw it. I think thats normal.

A show poster at the music store:
TUPAC! The best dog in the world. Later that evening I DJ'd 2 parties, one at this artist residency called TUPAC. Info can be found here:

TUPAC: an artists' association/ non profit organization from Lima-Peru dedicated to produce and promote independant artists' pieces and events.

I miss him.

Alan and Sandra, a fashion student and vintage store owner. She's bad ass...
Tomas, Manuel and Guisseppe, the director of TUPAC. He's a bad ass artist. Hopefully I will work with him on a Peruvian noise festival here in NYC....
Lukasz was there from Poland!! He's setting up my shows when I get there this October.
Party was getting started:

One of Tomas's many toys..

Tomas performing. It was great.
My DJ set up for the night. Laptop style.
This guy played traditional Peruvian songs on this guitar. It was wonderful. I think he was trying to serenade me.
The outside of the residency.

Warehouse party.

This guy was having a great time.
I went with my father to a soccer game that his favorite team was in. He has a private box for the family. It was fancy.
Why do i look pregnant in this picture?

The private box. Was the size of a nice studio apartment in NYC.

We were below the "hooligan" area. It was fascinating to watch them. They danced and sang the entire game. A fight broke out. It was really interesting.
Imagine the whole group of people jumping up and down at the same time and singing.
it was incredible.

My dad is such a fanatic about this team, he even had the radio on of the game so he could listen to the commentary while he was watching the game. Precious.
Friends of the family, watching the game wearing the same team jackets. Like father like son.

So we won the game. After the last goal the "hooligan" crowd rushed to the bottom of the stairs and grabbed this tarp:
And pulled it out:
Those are hands under there...

It was beautiful to watch.
One second it was up and the next second it was gone...

I'm having some life changing moments over here. I feel like I've grown about 100 years.
Tomorrow I go shopping for the store and finally eat ceviche. I can't wait.


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