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Bard, Bread and Merce

My photos finally downloaded onto my laptop, so I'm able to post photos from a few weeks ago.
I accidentally dropped my camera so the screen is just white and there is no lens so all of these photos are by chance. Which is my most favorite situation to be in.

I love robots, and Stella McCartney loves them too apparently...

By the below the Highline Park.  
Nice balconies.
Outside the Merce Cunningham studios near the Hudson.  It was a beautiful day....
I loved this random placement of chairs.

I want to live in the very top floor of this building.

The backyards of Manhattan in the summer.

Inside the Merce Cunningham Memorial gathering.

I wore a vintage black dress that Donna has and looks similar to the black dress that Alexander Wang made for the 2009 winter season. It was the only black thing I could find.


They put beautiful photos of Merce dancing all around the studio, along with televisions that had different videos of his performances. Including our performance at the DIA:BEACON.

I love this photo so much. So, so much.

It was raining and sunny at the same time.  I think it was very therapeutic for everyone.

Around 6pm, everyone gathered in the main dance studio and welcomed Assistant to the Choregrapher, Robert Swinston, who asked everyone to participate in the prelimanary stretching routine:

Stephan and I joined in....

More posters and photos of and about Merce:

The set up in the smaller studio:

When I got to the studio, I met up with Stephan who showed me a little treasure from the catacombs of the Merce Cunningham studios:

looked like a TV dinner:

But it wasn't:

He's not sure what it is yet, but it looks awesome. He thinks David Tudor made it. He's so lucky to be a part of such an exclusive group of engineers.


BREAD AND ROSES @ the Sculpture Center:

Sculpture Center for BREAD AND ROSES 101: Workshop / Performance / Installation by Elena Bajo and Jon Cuyson

"Bread and Roses 101" is a series of one on one discussions that seek to explore, imagine and implement new forms of protest by creating actions and strategies, while negotiating the production of space and consumption of time incorporating leisure as a way of resistance

The University of Trash at the Sculpture Center in New York will be a temporary site for this installation and performance conducted by artists Elena Bajo and Jon Cuyson. The artists will create within the University of Trash an evolving ‘stage’ composed of a diversity of found and existent materials (taken from the streets surrounding Sculpture Center) wherein the workshop will be conducted.

“Bread and Roses 101
” will be a venue for social engagement and experimentation as it becomes open to a variety of participants who will be asked to attend the workshop for one hour each. Within that hour both artists will negotiate with the participant/s his/her intentions to create (or not) within the allotted time slot, thereby testing various forms of reality and interpersonal communication. Both artists will assist and/or participate in attempting to make the proposal of each participant/s a reality. All activities will be documented. All of the participants will receive a printed Certificate of Completion that will be created by the artists after their one hour of participation in the workshop.

--So Donna and I were invited to be a part of the Bread and Roses experiment. We spoke about leisure and work and how it coincides with our lives as artists. It was a great talk which ended with Jon giving us a certificate of completion. We said that we were "present" for the hour.  Some people played instruments, on lady wanted to watch the moon landing because she never saw it before etc. It was great.

This collaborative project aims to explore issues of new labor and capital, while focusing on leisure and Production of Space as a strategy to articulate resistance. Notions of chance and authorship as well as mental and physical limitations by both artists and participants will manifest as they attempt to integrate ideas that will determine the success or failure of each activity.

The project title was borrowed from a slogan that was used during a women’s textile workers strike that occurred in Massachusetts in 1912 “give us bread, but give us also roses”, and serves as the starting point for this project. This workshop is suitable for those whose interests are in work that do not merely represent a political issue, nor serve as propaganda but directly confronts and transforms the issue itself. If you are interested in radically engaged practices that look neither like art nor activism but take the best of both of these worlds that sit somewhere between direct action and performance, resistance and leisure then this workshop is for you.

In conjunction with Nils Norman and the University of Trash. I actually posted about him and his work a few posts ago. I'm a fan of his now. He has a very interesting approach to social architecture.  Very detailed.


So as a few of you know I am applying to Bard for their Summer MFA program in Sound Art. I am working on the application right now and will hopefully be attending next summer.

A 3rd year sculpture student created these great shirts out of rubber. 

They had this cheese. That was baked in bread that was flaky like a croissant.  It was danger zones.

MARGOT!! One of my new favorite ladies. She was there checking out the show and I went ahead and took her back with me and Donna.  We went to Cairo. Long story.

One of my favorite pieces. A video work of a story with blacked out portions, using phrases to recreate the plot. I love that approach. The recycling method. It's very 21st century to me.

Then there was this dark room with a disco ball thing in the middle that made the room feel as if it was moving. The kids really loved this one.  I did too. Those are kids walking around and falling over themselves.  I'm glad the camera caught it so well.

Lauren Luloffs installation was great. I wish the lighting was better, but again, I had no control.


A large white room with these lights, and an audio installation of a man speaking, you are assuming that the speaker is Glen, and as he speaks the lights turned off and on to the rhythm of his speech. 

It ruled.

More sculpture students works:

The bridge to get to and from Bard.


The beginnings of a piece that Donna was creating for the store. Now it is part of my small but growing art collection. It looks amazing now. She went to Korea and brought him with her. He received a lot of attention.

My performance at Glasslands was a great success.  Susan Alcorn is so talented. I am so honored to have shared the bill with her and H.M.S. Beagle. They were great as well.  Thanks to all that came. I feel ready for my upcoming solo performance at Whitebox. More on that soon.


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