Traveling, performing, making, dressing and more...

To little too late?

This is long and very late so here it is, my past 2 1/2 months in one post:

This was the last day that I went to my internship for a while. I had to take a break because of travel and my business. But I plan on going back this week to start again. Looking forward to it.

So there was a problem with the mother plate, apparently some dust got on it for this particular recording and so they had me QC the whole record 3 or 4 times to listen for cracks, hisses and any other noise that a spec of dust can make. I am really enjoying how meticulous the process is. After all of my carelessness (for the sake of ART damn it!) here I am in a place where they strive to be as perfect and clear as possible. Much needed in my growth.

Thats one of the other guys that's learning to lathe cut with me Leandro (I think thats his name), he nice but as soon as we met he left for Argentina to get married so I haven't seen him since. Hopefully he'll be back this week...
I packed and spray painted boxes all day. I like the repetitive the downstairs work is. I wouldn't do it for a living but it's nice to have some time to just zone out.
A view of the Financial District on my way home from my internship...
When I got back to Williamsburg I caught an opening at the Black and White Gallery next door. It was great show.
I love this graffiti guy, he always strikes when I'm not looking. I'll catch him/her one day.
A few days before Halloween. My most favorite time of year. If I wasn't an avant turntablist or a shop owner I would be a professional carver of vegetables and fruits. This pumpkin took me about 4 hours to carve.....
It was well worth it......
At night.....
Our employee Dru had a birthday party a few days later and his friends kids Oscar and Max passed out. A living Yin and Yang....
My favorite person James Morrison asked me to be a part of the New York Art Book Fair this year that was help at the Phillips de Pury and Company auction house in Chelsea...

He had a bunch of hotties silk screening for him at the entrance of the space. It was hot and many drinks were had.

A dude with a cork in his hat...
One room with a bunch of different gallery booths. It was really hot in those rooms for some reason.

James and Me. BFF for reals.
The back of Terrance Koh. He was there along with John Waters, Yoko Ono and a few other Famous Amos's. James is actually friends with Terrance but I was too shy to ask him for a photo...
The set up the following day...
the uniform....
Went to a party in a Mansion in Brooklyn. It was packed and i wasn't feeling very well which was unfortunate because Halloween is my most favorite time of year.

Leo and his wig. He looks really pleased, no?
Matthew and another James laying it down. They were rocking some awesome haunted disco tracks. Reall obscure Italo disco from 70's horror movies. Perfection.
Michael was a murderer. He looked hot....
My old school BFF Jenny was Patsy Stone from Ab Fab. I found her the wig and dress. I was trying to be Edina but it just didn't work and again, I did not feel well so no pictures of me...
We put cigarettes in her hair for the FULL Patsy effect.
Andy and Izumi...
Michael getting down....
There we quite a bit of Mount Rushmores this year.....
Pizza Face....
This one had to do with a poem, I forgot which one since it was so long ago, but I remember being really impressed.
For the rest of the night we just sat outside at the entrance to the Mansion and tried to guess who was who. The girl on the right was the guy from Little Shop of Horrors. The other guy was a severed head in a fridge.... legs...
Another Mount Rushmore, this time w/ 2 dudes. I have no idea how they got around.....
Michael with a guy that was the Joker....
The day after Election day was my performance for Unity Gain at MonkeyTown with Thomas Dexter.
He was setting up. Forgot to take photos of the actual performance, but it was good...
During the intermissions David Linton placed an Obama cube on a rotating thing and had it projected on all 4 screens. It was a bit surreal after such an emotional day.
From the side of the cube he looked like a white dude.
But then he went back to being half and half...
Then I flew to Florida to meet with my brother and mother for her birthday. She' s a raw food-ist and is a dehydrating fanatic. Observe:

1) first dry a bunch of veggies
2) then put the dried pieces in a blender and make amazing spices.
3) Here she made sprouted spelt buckwheat crackers for me. They are great with yogurt...

Then we went to the beach (she lives in Florida, did I mention that?) and saw alligators in a farm. This guy was sleeping like my dog Leo, it was precious...
A monkey showed me his balls, how primitive of him...
Lots of gators, eeek!
I was really interested in the African stuff they collected. It was really inspiring for me to think about the summer season next year and what to buy.

Then we went to the beach. My brother is a surfer and insisted on surfing but we said no.

Another raw food delight. Cantalope birthday cake with almond and cocnut frosting. It was great.
Then she made pecan pie. This one was ok.
On her birthday we made ceviche together and my mom finally sat down and gave us the recipe. Now I can make some mean ceviche, but I still can't speak spanish. Sigh....

OK, so here's the ingredients:

1 large red onion
1 bunch of parsley
1 bunch of cilantro
4 stalks of diced celery
2 diced jalepenos
4 filets of tilapia or red snapper (we used tilapia on this day) cubed
a million limes (or 15)
place cubed fish in a bowl of fresh lime juice with salt and pepper to taste
as the acid start to cook the fish slowly place celery, jalapenos, and diced cilantro and parsley.
Stir occasionally until fish has turned from a pink to a white color.
once the fish has changed color add red onions and stir with more salt and pepper to taste.
mix it up buttercup.
Oh, here's some dried pineapple that she made too. Don't put that in the ceviche...
Then you want to boil 2 potatos and 2 sweet potatoes or yuka and choclo (corn or jomany).

To serve you place bib lettuce on the bottom of the plate then serve the ceviche on top with a thick slice of potato, a thick slice of sweet potato and a piece of corn. We didn't have corn this day, it made me a little sad.
And serve with extra jalapenos and salt n pepper on the side. Now in Peru they used a different hot pepper but in Florida they only had jalapenos available...
And then you eat it and feel Peruvian.
That's my pretty mommy. She's so little. But don't be fooled, she can kick your ass.
We were trying to get a good family portrait but it we kept messing up...
These are my new roommates Anevay and her mom Melissa. They're great.

Anevay helped me decorate my tree at the store.
A piece that James helped me make for our piece together in Philly a few weeks ago for ROMA. More pics from that including video footage coming soon...
I helped James silk screen at another book fair this past weekend. It was fun.

This was his cover for Indian Jewelry.
His set up.
More of his work. I'm a big fan.
His cover for Xui Xui.
Another cover...
His paper works. He screened each square of of toilet paper and paper towel down to the botton of the roll. Wow.
My outfit.

Afterwards we walked around the building. It was really beautiful. Here he is in a phone booth with no phone. We were super tired, that's why we're so giggly...

A crazy key.

Another crazy key.
Lee Krasners grave rubbing.
The Library.
"Kill Him"

Then we went to the Toys r Us in TImes Square for some reason.....we were really tired...
Went to the barbie mansion.

Then had a fancy dinner at a fancy italian place. It was so fancy that I can't even tell you where we were.....seriously.....

I'm exhausted. That's some marathon posting I just did, but my camera is empty and waiting for more photos of parties and my internship work this weekend. Thanks for waiting. I'll be better about this again....


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